Custom Cards

Below are examples of multi and single paged cards I have been commissioned for individuals to capture their qualities in a hand-crafted fashion. Please contact me for requests and pricing information.

Petra's card design, for an elegant and more ornate touch

Eimear is a stylish and strong woman who inspired a fashion-oriented theme to the custom card. I let the figures in each page reflect the meaning of each trait.

Patti received a card as playful as she is, with carefully picked adjectives to capture her beautiful personality.

June has a short name but a lot of goodness and demonstrates a beautiful characters, so I made a special painted booklet for her.

Joyce's card aimed for joy, elegance and simplicity with beautiful hand-written messages on the facing sides of each letter page


Leonie is an amazing person with a variety of qualities, how could I pick one style? She received a card with each letter expressing a separate visual.

Judy received a card that reflected her sophistication and despite her short name, the depth of her character, as striking as the first letter of an illuminated manuscript.

Paulina's card is colourful and playful, as well as classy and unified with a singular approach to the treatment of the letters.

Of course not all cards are full volume books! Some are simple folded cards with a unique play on the person's name. In this case, Arielle being of Jewish descent enjoyed a Hebrew reference in her name....using as many colours and repeating her name as many times as I could fit!